About A.C.E. Drones

A.C.E. (Aerial Camera Exploration) Drones’ mission is to respond to the ever-increasing demand for aerial services in the corporate landscape. A division of Garrett Holdings, the company is focused on leveraging the latest aerial and digital technologies available. We conduct both large and small scale operations for clients in The United States of America and internationally.

Our worldwide team of Part 107 certified pilots is ready at a moments notice for dispatch to your site with a fleet of drones capable of capturing 4K resolution video and stills as well as LIDAR and FLIR capabilities. Our operators are trained in-house at our private flight training facility by our Director of Flight Operations, a highly decorated United States Marine Corps pilot with over 20 years experience.

We offer a broad range of services including:

  • Residential and commercial insurance documentation
  • New construction surveying, scouting, and loss prevention
  • Disaster response inspections
  • Agricultural crop density and livestock monitoring
  • Commercial and motion picture filmmaking

Our Services

Flir Thermal

Our fleet of Thermal Imaging drones are a very powerful tool for any company that requires monitoring or surveillance of a site to audit over-exposure or deficiencies from various sources radiating heat. Sources we capture heat emissions range from industrial factories and skyscrapers to machinery and electrical power lines.

Lidar Surveying

We emit Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) sensors from the air to accurately scan the ground so we can measure variable distances for our clients. The data collected allows for us to confidently produce topographical maps that include streams, river banks, roads, and so forth.

On-Site Analysis

Find out how easy it is to track your new or existing site’s development progress, and resolve common disputes, monitor quality, and keep your budget(s) in the positive by using our On-Site Analysis services. We provide surveillance analysis for a range of clientele that range from Fortune 500 to your local shop.

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